Balanced Mamma

Balanced Mamma strives to provide education about investing and financial independence, especially to women. We can learn to embrace a lifestyle where we are happier with less, excelling our ability to save more and live a life to our own agenda. I want to motivate others to consider living free of the dependency of a paycheck, so that we are free to pursue our passions, give back to our community, and spend more quality time with our families.

Financial Independence

Not only are women paid less then men, but they also invest less than men. Due to the affects of compounding interest, women are missing out on a significant amount of wealth that they could accumulate during their lifetime, independent of the number of hours they work. It took me along time to be comfortable with investing, and we don’t need to be investment gurus to grow our wealth gradually over time until we eventually can earn more from your savings than from your actual paycheck.


Buying only what we need allows us to live with less clutter and reduce stress while also saving us money. How many times do we give in to lifestyle creep, increasing our expectations to meet the new paycheck. How many times do we buy things because society tells us we need to spend money in order to be happy and keep up with others. How much of our financial growth potential do we sacrifice along the way? The less we are dependent on, the more we can save and the less we need to sustain our lifestyle long term.


Being a parent adds challenges to our ability to simplify and save money. However, being a parent can also inspire us to do just that. It’s wanting to set an example for our children, providing them a home free of clutter and physical stuff to pull for their attention. It’s allowing us to prioritize how we spend our money so that we can spend more quality time together. It’s being aware of what we leave behind for our future generations and giving back to the community for our children to thrive and be happy.


Financial independence and living with less doesn’t mean sacrificing your happiness. Learning to appreciate what you have and understand your unique aspirations are key to mapping out your goals and enjoying the journey along the way. It doesn’t need to be complicated or hard, but it will take time and you will get there.

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