Finding your Happy Place with Money

I hate tracking my expenses, but I have a goal to increase my savings by $1600 per month to support my goal of financial independence. In my post today I’m going to talk about how I evaluated my expenses to help recognize purchases that weren’t aligned to my values, setting a goal to easily eliminateContinue reading “Finding your Happy Place with Money”

What is Minimalism?

In addition to financial independence, I also want to embrace the concept of minimalism. In this entry, we’ll talk about what minimalism is, what my experience has been and where I am on my journey, and ultimately, how to improve success of accomplishing financial independence by slowly learning to live with less. What is minimalism?Continue reading “What is Minimalism?”

What is Financial Independence?

Financial independence is the freedom to not work for the rest of your life. Think typical retirement, but potentially achieving this goal earlier in life. FIRE (financially independent, retire early), is an acronym that others have used to discuss this topic. I’ve recently read and been inspired by a number of books regarding Financial IndependenceContinue reading “What is Financial Independence?”

Welcome to Balanced Mamma

Each of us has a unique set of skills and lessons we learn through our life, and my goal is to document my journey as I travel through life in hopes of helping others learn from my experiences. I have four core areas that I chose to focus on to be the best version ofContinue reading “Welcome to Balanced Mamma”