Welcome to Balanced Mamma

Each of us has a unique set of skills and lessons we learn through our life, and my goal is to document my journey as I travel through life in hopes of helping others learn from my experiences. I have four core areas that I chose to focus on to be the best version of myself, and while I am far from perfect in each of these areas, I strive for improvement every day. Over time I anticipate these categories will evolve and change, but we all start somewhere.

Financial Independence: I’m an engineer by education and recently completed my MBA. I like to think I’m smart, but at the end of the day, I’m a math nerd and I love to talk about money. Here, I will talk about creating a budget, paying off debt, saving, and investing. My goal is to ultimately accomplish financial independence, and I want to document our journey as I hope to get there so you can learn to do the same. While I will talk about the impact of compounding interest and investing, my initial goal is to discuss maximizing your savings by increasing your income or decreasing your spending while still being happy.

Minimalist: My dream is minimalism, but after going from broke to landing my first job, I have accumulated so many things. Add kids to the mix and I have lost touch with my desire to live on less, be surrounded by less, and waste less. While I will talk about how this helps us on our path to financial independence and how to be content with spending and owning less. I will also talk about my challenges with clutter in my home and how I’ve learned to manage the chaos and get my family on board (I hope!)

Happiness: I often tell myself that if I raise children that are happy and healthy, I’ve done my job well as a mother. The same should apply to us as parents and we need to learn to demonstrate that behavior while our children are watching. Focusing on our mental and physical health while perusing passions are critical to support our happiness and well-being. I have learned about how to process what we can and can not control, and want to reflect on our journey of financial independence and minimalism to help us achieve the life we desire for ourselves and our children.

Mamma: Being a mamma is a full time job and we have no sick days. Often we need to accept that we need help, and if we are also working a job, it can come with it’s own unique challenges. Over the last two years, and more recently with our second child being born, I am constantly evolving what works best for our family and how to make it all happen when raising two children. Throw in the current pandemic experience when starting this blog in 2020, and we are all expected to be supermen and women as we raise our children in this new environment. Being a parent is constantly questioning what is right for our kiddos and feeling some element of guilt regardless of the choices we make. However, we control that perspective and it is valuable for us to reflect positively and support each other.

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