Goals for 2021 – Financial Independence, Minimalism, Happiness and Being a Mother

It wouldn’t be the start of a new year without time to reflect on goals for the next 12 months. Since writing them down makes you significantly more likely to achieve them, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to create a blog post to hold myself accountable. In my post, I also reference a few other bloggers where I have found inspiration as I consider my focus for 2021.

For starters, Financial Pilgrimage provided me inspiration by listing a few measurable goals by a few specific categories on a recent twitter post. Check out their tweet below and expand for the details. With closing out 2020, they were able to reflect on their progress to accomplish their goals, and I wanted to do something similar. For 2021, I will focus on the four key areas I am passionate about – Financial Independence, Minimalism, Happiness, and being a Mother. Doing so will give me an opportunity to reflect quarterly and at year end to track my progress.

On the topic of minimalism, my husband is holding my accountable and we’re betting on who can make it the longest without caving. We are committing to a month long challenge inspired by Less is Now from The Minimalists to each remove items from our home. If I win, I get a 30 minute back massage, and if he wins, he gets a case of beer!

What are your goals for 2021? Where do you find your inspiration, and are you teaming up with anyone to stay accountable? Have you taken the time to write down your goals so you have an opportunity to reflect on your progress? Comment below, I’d love to hear where you see yourself 12 months from now.

Financial Independence

  • Max 401k contribution in 2021 ($19,500)
  • Donate $5,000 in 2021 to charity
  • Contribute $1,000/month to a brokerage account
  • Contribute $600/month to our kids 529 – Inspired after reading a post from The Best Interest
  • Participate in January and July Uber Frugal Month – Check it out from Frugalwoods


  • Participate in a month long minimalism challenge with my husband – Inspired after watching Less is Now from The Minimalists
  • Adopt Project 333 (Myself and my Children)
  • Prevent More – Enforce 1 Year Spending Freeze on Non- Essentials


  • Feel Good – Drink Water Intake – Daily
  • Dedicate 15 Minutes to Either (Outside Activity or Meditation) – Daily
  • Be Present for Friends and Family – Weekly Touch Point with Closest 10 Relationships
  • Learn – Read 1 Book – Monthly
  • Be Creative – Write a Blog Post – Weekly
  • Practice Gratitude – Write Down 3 Things I Am Grateful For – Daily


  • Commit to Breastfeeding my Daughter Until August
  • Positively Enforce Potty Training to my Stubborn Toddler
  • Read to my Children – Nightly
  • Prioritize my Husband – Ask How I Can Support Him – Daily
  • Foster a Positive and Relaxing Environment – Daily

I have to admit, it is more challenging to set measurable goals with specific targets as I consider happiness and being a mother. What goals have you set to challenge yourself regarding Financial Independence, Minimalism, Happiness, and being a Mother (or Father)?

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